An idea that grew into love!

Truth is a wonderful thing…. So I’d like to say my first thought about the first Turkish towel I saw was “and how is this going to dry you?”. I did, however, like the story I read about it, I liked what people said about Turkish towels online worldwide, and I was convinced Australia needs sun glasses, sun screen, thongs but most of all Turkish towels! I (Dana) called Annie (partner in crime) and told her that we are going to sell Turkish towels and that every household in Australia is going to have one, two or three! Annie said: “OK”. That was July 2014. By November 2014 we had found the most amazing and wonderful manufacturer in Turkey, had imported 15,000 towels, had secured 2 shopping centre sites in Perth, employed 10 lovely team members and armed with enormous enthusiasm to show everyone what they had been missing out on. Our customers absolutely loved them, without even knowing what they were and 10 weeks later we sold out! We knew we had to share the love with more people not just in Perth but around Australia. So, we did.

Today we might have grown a little, but what we are very proud of that SAMMIMIS is 100% Australian owned, now 100% online (we said good bye to pop ups after 2019 summer season) and many corporate companies who see the value in gifting a high quality and versatile product to their team members, delegates, students and customers.

In a nutshell we are personable, down to earth, have a positive attitude, believe in healthy body/healthy mind and live by our values. We speak the truth – do we have to say more? We love, love and love a good laugh especially about ourselves. We make mistakes! Heaps of them. We surround ourselves with people that care, believe anything is possible, are genuine, positive and like to improve themselves as a person – that includes our customers, team members, suppliers, service providers (banks and insurances included), family and friends. We like growth – personal and business. We are by far not perfect and happy to admit if we are wrong.

Certified safe & natural

SAMMIMIS – Our Products

SAMMIMIS Turkish cotton towels are hands down the best quality Turkish towels out there. You can see and feel the difference – promise! Traditionally loomed and hand finished in rural Turkey by people that we care about and consider as our friends. Their families have been in looming for generations and nothing is more important than looming the perfect towel, day after day. All SAMMIMIS products are certified by Oeko-Tex (highly regarded German certification for confidence in textiles) and we can proudly say that every item that carries the genuine SAMMIMIS Turkish Towel label is made of the highest quality Turkish cotton and dyed with safe vegetable dye.


Life is what you make it

Our Values 

Health Health is the new wealth. With love and respect for our mind and body we can live a fun, active life with no restrictions. We can do anything, we really can!
Family Are the friends we chose to connect with, personally grow with and share our love of life. Our families support us, keep us grounded and human.
Truth Be true to who you are – it is really simple. It takes a strong person to face the truth, take responsibility and step forward in that. Truth is freedom, it’s powerful and helps us live a lighter life!
World Take a step back and be amazed by the view of our beautiful planet – the blues and the greens. Our world that we are free to explore, that connects us with others and nature, and when we open our mind refreshes and enriches us.
Worth Our life is made up of the quality of our choices and these choices reflect who we are. Choose wisely first and it will be lasting. Stay determined on your path for what you want in life and remember you are worthy.


Dream, Believe, Do!

Our Mission

To grow with our clients, suppliers, service providers, team, friends and family members as a conscious business that is personable, cares and contributes to a greater good by inspiration and example. We provide natural, high quality and genuine products to respectful, open minded and genuine people who wrap our amazing world in health, positive relationships, truth and worth.