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About Us


"An idea that grew into love."

"At its core was this idea we could create a business that designs, creates & sells products for the beach, pool, home & travels to customers who love quality. Functional & practical products that make life easy, every day. Products that are light, don't break, are and look beautiful and stand out from the crowd; last but not least can be loved around the globe. 

And - at the same time create a space for likeminded people who can work from anywhere they happen to be. People who love to grow, succeed, and live in different places. Humans who are open and worldly. People who have a sense of humour and come together over coffee (tea or wine) to talk about ideas and solutions instead of other people, things and problems.

This idea became reality in 2014.”

Dana, Founder


OUR VISION - Wrap Every Family In Lifestyle Defined By Quality, Every Day And Forever! 

Since then we’ve contemplated and enhanced our range based on your lives and desires. And now, we’re proud to say we carry the widest range of Turkish towels and hooded towels in Australia.

Our products are designed to give you quality, freedom & ease in life. From beach towels, hooded towels & beach bags to foreign lands, inspired by you.

We’re a close-knit, small team who share the same values and a passion for what the SAMMIMIS brand stands for. When you connect with us, you’re greeted with warm virtual smiles as you’re welcomed into the family.

“At SAMMIMIS we’re all about a simple, quality lifestyle with no compromise on style while looking after our planet.”


OUR MISSION/PASSION  - Ethically Made Quality, Functional & Beautiful Turkish Cotton Lifestyle Products Designed To Make Your Everyday Life Easy!

Traditionally loomed, our products are made in rural Turkey by families who have been crafting this way for generations. Ethically made at every touchpoint.

The towels are cut and sewn by hand to preserve strength in the material, making them truly one of a kind.  Next, the products are coloured using the purest vegetable dye.

Each piece is finished with a hand twirled or knotted tassel then checked over as a SAMMIMIS label is sewn on one by one. Finally, it’s folded by hand and carefully delivered to quality seekers the world over.

All SAMMIMIS products are certified by Oeko-Tex, which means that the product has been tested for harmful toxins or chemicals. Our pieces do their bit for the world, and your way of life.


SAMMIMIS (SAM-IM-IS) was derived from the Turkish word SAMIMI which means Sincere, Friendly, Familiar, Truthful, Open-hearted & Free.


  • QUALITY FIRST, that includes our products, customers, team, suppliers, services providers…. Every touch point. Quality in everything we do.
  • SURROUNDING OURSELVES WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE, who share the same values and are just good to the bone – not perfect, but genuine. Bettering themselves is part of their everyday life and where self-development never stops... be their best they can be.
  • ENCOURAGING & LIVING AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE, we design products to enhance an active lifestyle, we believe in healthy habits and work life balance. Having a bit of fun everyday is a must and we strive for freedom to live the life we want.
  • BEING WORLDLY, and remembering there’s more than just your immediate environment, our products and our people are worldly (both in mind and physically).
  • WE CARE, we commit to start today to build a better future for generations, we choose ethical over profits, we make conscious decisions towards sustainable practices and we inspire people around us to start the thinking process.

“SAMMIMIS has amassed a community who adore our products worldwide and recommend us over and over again.”


We strive to make the best choices to reduce harm to people and our planet. We believe in a better future, and we take responsibility for what we can change.

It’s a journey and we’re taking steps towards a sustainable future for generations to come.  We’re also dedicated to green postage, little landfill and a planet free from plastic.

Read about our sustainability initiatives here.

“Committed to leaving nothing behind, except footprints in the sand”