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Lucky Dip Terms & Conditions

SECONDS LUCKY DIP - You are saving me from landfill, thank you 🙏💙🙏

SECONDS $12 | $15 | $20 | $25 Turkish Towels & Throws
SECONDS Adult & Kids Hooded towels


  • Samples (never get to carry the SAMMIMIS label)
  • Imperfect items not fit enough to be sold at full price. Few beauty spots😊
  • Professionally repaired second-hand products (washed, ironed & packaged = almost new & grateful to be alive).

At SAMMIMIS we try to save our products from ending up in landfill, so SECONDS are up for grabs at irresistible prices. Moving parts such as zips are 100% new and 100% functioning. Faulty products which were repaired are as new and to the same quality standard you should expect when purchasing any SAMMIMIS products.

Our SECONDS guarantee:
Imperfections or faults aren’t going to affect the usability of your SECONDS products. If moving parts (zip) fail to function or breaks, a replacement or refund will be given.

Most common imperfections:

  • Marked
  • Looming imperfections
  • Thread abnormalities
  • Pulls
  • Most SECONDS don’t carry the SAMMIMIS label, however, some do.
  • Zips replaced on adult or kids hooded towels.
  • Fabric faults professionally amended/repaired.

By purchasing SECONDS, you agree to our Lucky Dip Terms and Conditions

  1. STRICTLY no Exchange or Refund on SECONDS.
  2. SECONDS Turkish towels: No choice of colour, weave, pattern, or weight
  3. SECONDS Throws: Choice of colour. No choice of style, weave, pattern or weight
  4. SECONDS Adult & Kids hooded towels: Your choice of colour and size as selected
  5. SECONDS Accessories: Your choice of colour as selected